Powder Quantity Machine


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Product modelPD-260
Voltage100V~240V(Need to inform in advancePower)
Net Weight8Kg
Gross Weight10Kgs
Product dimensions26/39/40 (cm)
Package dimensions46/32/47 (cm)
Volume2700g (Creamerpowder)
Speed100g / 5.5s
Accuracy100g ± 1.5g
Place of originTaiwan


Milk powder, cocoa powder, etc Powder, using machine output

The powder quantity of 20 groups of different parameters can be set, so that the dosage of each meal and drink is the same

Scope of application

Usage Range: Creamer powder, Enzyme powder, Powdered sugar, Cocoa powder, Coffee powder, Chemical powder, Chinese or Western medical powder… and all kinds of dry powder.

If you have other caliber, you can ask ShinYu


  • Food grade PP material for inner tank. Easy cleaning and no blocking.
  • ㄇ-type stirring bar. Accurate result.
  • Ultrafast photoconductive U-type switch. Microcomputer system for motor control.
  • 20 buttons for different quantity of powder. Easy for operation and quality control.
  • Patent design for effective dehumidification. No blocking.


  • CE
  • FCC


Use ultrafast photoconductive U-type switch and microcomputer system inside to control its motor, which keeps error range around 1.5 grams. Patent design of dehumidification for discharge hole prevents it from blocking. Big inner tank for 2700 g of creamer powder, which is food grade PP material and designed for easy cleaning. Twenty shortcut buttons designed for variety of drinks.

Suitable for various of dry powders, enzyme powder for healthy food, sugar powder or cocoa powder for bakery, coffee powder for coffee shop, chemical powder for chemical factory, medical powder for drugstore and so on.

The machine can be exported to all over the world. Welcome to inquire.